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The Traditional Sanding Process is a Threat to Your Health.

When sanding without DCS, the wood dust particle count is over 20 times the OSHA limit, resulting in an unnecessary threat to your health and an inconvenient mess.

Data provided by Air Quality Sciences, Inc. © 2005
OSHA Limit of 1 mg/mg3 - ACGIH Worldwide, a governing body for occupational exposures.

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Some significant results of the testing included these facts:

  • Sanding without dust containment generates airborne dust over 2 times the OSHA level of 1 mg/m3
  • Sanding with the Atomic trailer generates only .045 mg/ m3 - 95% below the OSHA level
  •  The Atomic trailer generates 99.8% less dust than traditional sanding.

It is important to emphasize that this percentage of 99.8% is a comparison of Atomic® dust containment system to sanding with traditional equipment. Also, testing was with Bona machines (Bona Belt, Bona Edgers and Bona DCS Buffer) that are engineered specifically for effective dust containment and work as part of the complete Bona system.

Air Quality Sciences, Inc., based in Atlanta, conducted laboratory testing of the sanding process in a controlled environment to accurately gauge the amount of airborne wood dust particles generated when using traditional equipment (using bags on the sander and edger, and a non-DCS buffer) and when using the same machines attached to an Atomic DCS® trailer.

The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute is an industry-independent, non-profit organization that establishes standards and testing for indoor products. Their goal is to improve public health by helping manufacturers build safer products. These products will not pollute the air with harmful levels of dangerous chemicals or particulates.

Bona Hardwood and Hard Surface Floor Cleaners and systems have also passed the more stringent GREENGUARD Children and Schools Program indoor air quality criteria.

If anyone tells you their dustless system is as good as or better than mine, they're lying.

Dust-Free Refinishing

Refinishing with GREENGUARD-tested products from the Bona Environmental Choice System™(ECS) is certified for indoor air quality. From effective dust containment to low-VOC, high performance waterborne finishes without harmful fumes, to non-toxic floor care products and systems, the Bona Atomic system offers the cleanest and healthiest hardwood floor finishing system available.

My 27 Horsepower Dust Containment System

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The Value of a 27 Horsepower Dust Containment System

Increased customer satisfaction - this system virtually eliminates the nightmare of dust throughout your home or business.

Higher quality results - it eliminates airborne dust that would otherwise settle back down into the finish.

Healthier indoor air quality - wood dust is a known carcinogen.

No time consuming plastic to hang over your furniture, countertops, and cabinets.

No costly clean-up - The Bona Atomic DCS is the First and OnlyGREENGUARD-certified System.

The process of sanding hardwood floors can be a dust nightmare. Not with my top-end system!

Airborne wood dust, a known carcinogen, is a health hazard.

With Bona's Atomic Dust Containment System, there's no airborne dust generated to permeate your home or business. It's a healthier environment. 

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