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When refinishing your wood floors, you also have a choice to make on the type of sheen you'd like. You can choose from Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss. For photo examples, please see the diagram below. 

Sheen choice is strictly a matter of taste. There is no difference in the durability when comparing one to another. There is a difference in terms of the final product and upkeep though. High gloss hardwood flooring will show scratches, water drops, dust, dirt, pet hair and wood imperfections much easier. If you opt for a gloss or semi-gloss sheen, just know that you will need to be more accepting of the natural characteristics of wood and to possible site finish imperfections like specs of dirt and dust in the finish. We use the best dust containment system on the market, but it's impossible to completely remove all the debris in the air. A glossier floor will also show water drops, dust, dirt, and pet hair quicker so you will need to clean it more often to keep it shiny. You will also need to be extra careful when moving furniture and other belongings because scratches in the finish will show more easily. A glossy wood floor is high maintenance, similar to glass-top tables. A satin finish is best to enhance a wood's natural beauty and is the preferred choice for most of our clients.


Sheen - Glossy or Matte?