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Does your wood floor look dull, faded, lackluster, scratchy, yellow, brown, or just plain cloudy? Is the flooring super slippery or oily?

This unattractive look and/or dangerously slick condition is likely due to wax or oil build-up on your flooring. Many cleaning products on the market today contain ingredients or chemicals that are not beneficial to your high-end flooring on a long-term basis. That's why when you initially use them, they make your floor look shiny again. But over time, that wax or oil builds up, adding layer upon layer upon layer of dirty residue on your floor. 

If you think you may just need wax or other buildup removal to make your hardwood floors look beautiful again, please visit our sister business Tampa Floor Wax Removal to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Wax & Buildup Removal

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